Baby Care in Winters

Tips to Take Care of Your Baby in Winter

Winter is enjoyable season until all family members are healthy, as kids are in developing phase of their immune system; they need extra care during peak winters. Everyone wants to enjoy winters and keeps oneself warm and cozy by putting extra clothing or eating appropriate food or beverages, same should be followed for kids. As kids easily catches cold, cough or infection, so you need to be little more cautious in winters to keep your kids warm and healthy. The energy of body is utilized in keeping the body warm in winter leads to deprivation of energy used in maintaining immunity level upto the mark, so it is also important to maintain the energy level in body.

Problems arising in Winters

as virus and microbes gets chance of multiplication in environment, it increase the incidence of various diseases especially in winters and especially the respiratory tract infections like cough, cold, running nose, pneumonia, asthma etc. Besides these infective conditions, other conditions which happens in peak winters like frost fingers, raynauds  fingers, cold bites, frost bite etc should also be taken care of.

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How to tackle or prevent health issues arising in winters:-

Here are few tips which could be followed to keep your baby healthy throughout the winter season, so that you can also enjoy

  • Proper dressing like warm clothes, multiple thin layer clothing should be preferred over single thick cloth, boots, mittens, hats, etc can be used as per the environmental conditions. These could be increased or decreased as per outdoor activities. The newborns should be take care with over clothing or tight clothing.
  • When doing outdoor walk, a thin clothe can be snuggled around body to keep them warm.
  •  If family goes to hilly areas, then extra care should be given to kids.
  • Over clothing leads to restriction of activities of baby, and movement of hands and legs is important in newborns, so they should be put on multiple layer clothes but loose not snuggly fitted.
  • Use of moisturizers, to keep child’s skin hydrated as the relative humidity drops in winters which make their skin dry and chapped, and moreover after taking bath with warm water, it makes skin drier. So proper and regular moisturizing of skin is important.
  •  A moisturizer having ingredients like milk, coco butter, shea butter, etc are good.
  • Avoid daily use of soap or shampoo, as these deplete the oily layer of the child’s skin.
  • If massaging is to be done, than it should be done with proper ambient temperature because there are chance of getting cold when full body clothes are removed.
  • The room temperature should be checked regularly as temperature drops in peak winters and nights, if it goes too deep, then use of room heater is warranted.
  • The body temperature of baby should also be monitored.
  • Nutrition of baby should be maintained by giving healthy and seasonal fruits.
  • Newborns should be regularly breastfeed, which gives them warmth as well as nutrition.
  • Baby Vaccination schedule should be followed properly irrespective of weather conditions.

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