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5 Tips a Child Specialist Wants You to Follow in 2022

For the last 2 years we have been dealing with a health problem that leaves its print on us without our knowledge. And this danger evil is a pandemic, called Corona or COVID. The symptoms of Corona is more like a common cough and cold, but it attacks the lung and makes breathing difficult and the result can be fatal in several cases. Looking at how contagious the virus, children have to follow some precautions even they have stronger immunity than adults. Therefore, child specialist sector 57 Gurgaon want children to stay alert against the new variant of the Corona virus, named Omicron. The virus is less severe than the old variant Delta, but it spreads rapidly.

Advice to Children Going School

Schools for children belong to class 9th to 12th are attending their classes. These children need to be careful about the spread of the disease because classes need sitting in a group. Maintaining social distancing can be tough. However, they can take some precautions like wearing double masks and sanitize their hands every hour. They can avoid eating and sharing food in a group. After coming from the school, they can take a bath. Eating protein rich food and fruit rich in Vitamin C can help build immunity stronger.

Advice to Children Attending Online Classes

Children below age 14 are attending their classes from home looking at the threat of the pandemic. Staying home is safe when you maintain social distancing from your neighborhood friends and your parents who go to office every day. Make your place separate if possible for reading and sleeping. Maintain hygiene by avoiding eating from road eateries and going to the nearby market.

Let’s know about the 5 crucial tips advising to children by child specialist in 2022.

  • Children ages between 15 and 18 can vaccinate as quickly as possible. India government has recently launched the campaign to vaccinate children aged over 14.
  • Children cough or sneeze into a tissue instead of elbows or hands.
  • They maintain distance with their friends while playing. It is better to stay home and play a home game.
  • Don’t share and eat food from other plates.
  • Moms whose children are below two handle their kids after sanitizing their hands. Clean doorknobs, countertops and cellphones every day because these areas come in contact often.

These are some precautions to follow to stay healthy in 2022 to children and keep the pandemic bye-bye forever. Children can also teach their surroundings these precautions.

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