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Child Care Importance of vaccinations

As a responsible parent, you like to do whatever you can to protect your child from diseases. Vaccination of your child is one step to protect your child from a range of dangerous and preventable diseases. A series of vaccinations are done from the age of zero to sixteen years. Each vaccine is administered at the given schedule. Some vaccines are vaccinated at the zero age while others by the age of two. It is your child specialist who keeps you aware of the next vaccine for your toddler. Make sure you are ready for the next new born baby vaccination near me Sector 56 because schedules are so important to complete the child vaccination program successfully.

Why Vaccination is important?

For newborns, breastfeeding comes as a weapon to protect against several diseases, but the immunity wears off when breastfeeding stops. Whether or not children are breastfed, vaccinations work as a shield to protect them from fatal diseases. Vaccines work by imitating infection of a certain disease in the body. It prompts the body to develop immune system or antibodies to fight against the diseases. It prevents them to defeat future infection.

Types of Vaccinations Gurgaon

Usually, all children receive the same type of vaccines from their birth to 24 months. There are different schedules for each vaccine. HepB is the vaccine which first dose is administered at the time of birth and the second dose after a month. The last shot is when the child is of 6 months. The aim of the vaccine is to protect children from the infection of the liver.

RV is the second popular vaccine that is administered to protect against Rotavirus responsible for diarrhea in children. DTaP is another vaccine that fights against diphtheria, tetnus, and pertussis. Hib is the vaccine to protect against the infection that leads to bacterial meningitis. Other popular vaccines include PCV for protection against pneumonia, IPV against polio, influenza against the flue, MMR against measles, Varicella against chickenpox and HepaA against hepatitis.

A calendar is maintained by moms to not to miss a single dose. Vaccination can be offered by child specialists or government hospitals for free. If you are in consult a child specialist, you will have two benefits. You will not miss a single dose and the doctor will take of your children for the health problems after vaccination. Some vaccines may cause pain at the injection site whereas some can cause mild fever. Talk to your child specialist briefly about vaccination programs.

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