She is who takes care of the health of a child or a newborn or a kid of age upto 16 years. So by profession, she is a medical expert who takes care of various spheres of health of your child like physical growth, mental growth or behavioral disorders etc. She is trained to take care of health issues which could either be minor problem or life threatening condition. A doctor becomes a Paediatrician or child specialist when she does training for three years in the concerned specialty of dealing with children illness and clears the examination to get certified postgraduate degree i.e M.D (Masters Degree). After getting MD degree, she has to brushup her skills by working independently in hospital or clinics, where she deals with various children health issues on her own. This time she starts developing rapport with patients.

What does a Child Specialist do in Gurgaon?

To take care of your child, she does checkup whenever your child fell ill or suffering for any problem or routine health issues. She offers you vaccination recommended as per the age of child. Various thing under a paediatrician scope are:-

  • Routine health checkup
  • Checking developmental milestones of a child
  • Checking child nutrition status, safety, fitness
  • Clears your queries regarding your child issues
  • Collaborate with other specialist doctor to refer for a condition beyond her scope
  • Vaccination services
  • Regular immunization updates
  • Latest vaccine for your kid

Why do you need a child specialist Doctor?

Whenever an adult fells ill, he knows how to manage, what things to avoid, what kind of medication is required but in case of kid or newborn, it is quite difficult to manage the illness, for that you need an expert advice from your child specialist. In case any emergency situation arises like injury, acute illness etc, so rush to seek a paediatrician advice.

When do you choose a Child Specialist?

The searching for best child specialist start initially from the day of third trimester of pregnancy when baby is still in womb of mother. Your child specialist could be the one who assists delivery of baby or it could be someone else whom you are consulting before also.

How to choose a child specialist in Gurgaon?

Nowadays when there are many child specialists available in metro cities, choosing a best pediatrician is quite easy. You could know about a good child specialist from your friend circle or any family members or you can surf online on various portals. You should first check the qualifications of child specialist, other credentials, registered certificates and services available at clinic of that child specialist in Sector 57 Gurgaon.