HPV Vaccine in Kids

HPV Vaccine in Kids

HPV Vaccine in Kids

HPV Vaccine: It is a vaccine given in teenagers or kids age to protect form various cancer arising due to getting infected with human papilloma virus. So HPV vaccine is to protect from HPV infection. Various cancers that HPV causes are: In women: cervix, vagina and vulva; in men: penis; in both men and women: anus, base of tounge and throat. Usual spread of this infection is through direct contact.

As such it is difficult to say who is going to catch HPV virus and who is going to be turned into cancer stage but getting the shots of HPV vaccine right at time will save 90% of cancers caused by HPV infection. At one time in past, Cervical cancer is used to be leading cause of death due to cancers in females but with increased acceptance of hpv vaccine, the rate of cancer positivity decreased over time.

When should your kid be vaccinated?


Ideal age for giving vaccine shot is between 9-11 years and if not vaccinated can be given upto 18 years of age. The effectiveness of vaccine is not found beyond the age of 25 years, so some recommends it to get shot till 25years of age.

How many shots are required for full vaccination?

For teenage girls/boys :-  2 shots are required for at gap of 6-12 months

For young adults (16-25yrs): 3 shots are recommended over a period of 6 months

How it is given?

It is given in form of direct injection in arm.

Why HPV Vaccine is recommended?

It is given to protect from encountering the HPV infection which further protects from getting genital cancer and genital warts.  

Possible side effects of HPV vaccine?

As encountered with other vaccinations, almost similar side effects are seen with this vaccine also like bodyache, injection site reaction in form of pain, swelling etc, dizziness, vomiting and nausea are reported. Anaphylaxis or allergic reactions are very rare to happen.

All these side effects can be managed easily at home or on call with doctor. For pain and tenderness, acetoaminophen or aspirin can be given. Simple cold sponging at site of injection can relieve from pain also.

When not to have HPV Vaccine shot or when to delay?

There are few scenario when the vaccine shot should be delayed like child is sick or child had severe allergic reaction at first shot or in pregnancy it is contraindicated.

HPV vaccine available: Guardasil 9 is one of the most commonly used vaccine worldwide and is also tagged with UD FDA approved item and can be used for both male and female kids.

How to protect yourself from getting cervical cancer if you are not in the recommended age of getting HPV shots?

The route of spread of HPV infection is sexual contact: oral, vaginal or anal, so it is always better to do safe sex using condoms. Moreover, avoidance of alcohol and smoking is also recommended because higher risk has been associated with these habits.

For any query regarding HPV vaccination in your kid, kindly contact your Best Pediatrician in Sector 57 Near me Gurgaon.

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