Good Parenting in Hyperactive Kids

Good Parenting in Hyperactive Kids

Good Parenting in Hyperactive Kids

Sometimes hyperactivity leads to poor performance of child in school as well as in playground. They seem to have endless energy and they keep on bouncing and hopping here and there. Although there are no fixed things to be done in such cases but still you can follow few things that can settle children routine up to great extent. Ultimately it the parenting which is going to work not the school or daycare.

Whom do you call Hyperactive Children?

When children are showing activities like jumping on the sofa again and again, getting up from dinner table or study table again and again, tipping their back on the backside of chair, nodding head during routine activity. They keep on ignoring the orders of mom and dad and not following them.

What Makes Child Hyperactive?

  • Temperament:- it is just who they are and how do they do the things.
  • Diet :-high carbohydrates and sugar are supposed to play role
  • Peer group: hyperactive friends can influence the activity of normal children
  • Genetic: it sometimes run in family
  • Surroundings:- if children is having disorganized room or everything is haphazardly placed.

Things to do: –

  • Usually, hyperactive child or ADHD child cannot follow long list of instructions, so it is better to give them short, small lists of instructions to follow and learn thing accordingly. Ask the child to do things repeatedly and ask him to look into eyes of person in front of him. He can be asked to put down the things done by him on the paper step by step.
  • The work to be done by children should be done with minimal distractions in surroundings. Because distractions leads to decrease their performance while doing either homework or classwork.
  • Giving praise and reward; after completion of task by children, they should be praise which leads to encouragement of doing next task. Rewarding should not be mixed with ‘bribing’, it is positive reinforcement which gives push to child.
  • While sleeping, doing simple humming for 5-10 minutes is very effective as it calms them and give them sound sleep. Complete and undisturbed sleeping makes the child to wake up fresh and can concentrate more during next day.
  • Let child create his own to do list, that helps to boost confidence with him and if somehow, he forgot to do particular thing, he can recall form his own list and tries to complete that task.
  • Always give second chance to do the task, before coming to a conclusion of grades or mark or outcome of his activity, it is always better to give him second chance.
  • Sometimes, in peer group, there are fidgeting children, by seeing their activity, hyperactive children get more distraction so they should be kept away, and pleasant study carrel should be offered for work.


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